Hi everyone

Today be in love with APPRECIATION.

It is so easy to look at the hard stuff.  We are so tuned into what could go wrong or everything that is possibly lacking in our lives that we often forget the healing and joy that comes with APPRECIATION.  Stop a moment, think of all the people, animals, places and events that have happened in your life.  How often has everything worked out for you?  Who are the people, loved ones and beloved pets that are always around when you need a hug, a shoulder, those who stand by you?

There is so much to appreciate about YOU!  Look how amazingly well you have done – one can only look at your home, your children, your partner, your blessings, your responsibilities, your talents, your gifts, your beautiful inner self, your reflection in your eyes and I could go on and on and on….do YOU see this?  Do you appreciate you?

Everyday, no matter how hard it is, there is something to appreciate.  There is a blessing in all that happens – even though it is hidden.  There is a silver lining, there is love in your heart.

“What you give attention to, that is what expands for you.”

Pay attention to appreciate today.

So much Love
PS:  Our message today was inspired by the beautiful MANDALA CARDS by Gabby van Heerden.