Hi everyone,

Today we receive guidance for a specific situation – it feels as if you are going to and fro, left and right…
It is important that you look at it objectively, see all viewpoints and then ask yourself “what do I need to stand up for here?”  When a situation calls for honest and open communication, it means that you need to have the confidence and courage to speak your truth.  Maybe you have never had the courage before and you were always standing back.

Speak from your heart Dear One – this needn’t be in judgement, anger or resentment but a pure and sincere approach to the situation.

Inner harmony comes from knowing that you have done the right thing and if you feel you need to speak to a professional or gain another viewpoint, then do so.  At the end of the day you need to be in your own integrity.

The outcome, the behaviour of another is not a measurement, neither an approval of your own truth. Where there is love, there is truth.  Where there is truth, there is peace.  In the absence of these, let go and let God.