A very important part of manifestations is the decision. When you pray for something, when you truly wish for something to manifest, how firm are you in your decision?

Do you feel doubtful? Are you unsure what the right thing is and in so doing, you put off the asking? or have you asked, but nothing has happened yet, so you give up?

Ask and you shall receive. As you believe so it will be given. This would surely mean that if you have decided what it is you are asking, then there is no shadow of a doubt that it will be done. If it takes too long, it definitely is working out and there are unseen circumstances that must take place first. If it happens in the flow, notice how your reality is unfolding on a day to day basis and just say thank you. Thank you that it is all working, it is all coming together. It is not here yet, but I notice the flow. Thank you.

Sometimes we just have to stand up and say “This is my decision, I want this” and you will be amazed at how things work out!

Be encouraged today, feel worthy today, know that God and the Angels want you to have amazing experiences,

So much love to you all.