Hi everyone,

I came across this quote today “I know that passionate people always infect the place where they live with their passion” The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho.

Passion infects passion.  Joy begets joy, Laughter is infectious.  Inspiration create inspiration…

Are you still passionate about what you do?  Are you finding the passion, the beauty, the hidden blessing in the current reality that is unfolding for you?  Are you passionate about your goals, your dreams, your vision for your life?

When we are in a rut, or we feel stuck, we lack inspiration.  It doesn’t feel as if there is a way out, but there truly is.  The way to the open door, the way to the solution or opportunity is to embrace where you are with passion, to say YES again to those dreams and opportunities – even at first only from a vibrational perspective.  When we lose hope or when we feel stuck, we tend to close off and say NO to life.  We do not feel like going out, meeting new people or attempt new things.  Passion can change our no to a yes.  When we ignite passion back into our lives, we can say YES again.  Yes to exploring new opportunities, yes to meeting new people, yes to try new things even if we don’t know whether it will work out or not.  Passion ignites life.

Have you ever notice when someone who is passionate walks into the room, that they light up the whole room?  That we walk away from those people admiring their passion, their creativity, their life force?  You can be that too!

A few ways to find your passion again:

Revisit your Dreams and Goals – write them down where you can look at it every day.
Refocus on where are you now and find the hidden blessings and how this journey is serving you and contributing to where you are on your way too
Write down 2 or 3 things that you love doing, that gives you joy and make time for those again
Think of 2 or 3 possible opportunities that has come your way and ask questions such as “what will happen if I say YES to them?”
Think of 2 or 3 opportunities that you would LIKE to have, what you WISH to invite into your life and actively start setting intention that it WILL come to pass – Be open
Surround yourself with fun and positive people and friends
Fill your life with moments of gratitude and appreciation
Listen to good and uplifting music often
Get out of your mind and do ONE thing a day that will make you feel better and more uplifted
Say YES to life and it will say YES back to you
Ask for help when you need it and don’t feel guilty
Daydream – just like a child – daydream often.
Clarify misunderstandings and speak your truth

Where there is life force, there is passion.  You can ignite this into your life, love fills us up in such a way that we feel whole again.  Love for yourself, Love for those around you and Love for the journey we call life.  The love you need is within you already, let it shine.  It is not dependant on another, it is permission you give yourself to allow love and passion back in.

Sending you so much love and passionate energy today