You are guided to let go and let God

You are despondent as it seems like nothing is realising. You have made all these plans, worked out all the detail and it still seems like nothing is working. Are you in the way?  Are you getting stuck in HOW your prayers must be answered or want to control the outcome?

Yes, we must be clear on WHAT it is we wish to manifest and then we have to step out of the way, allowing Divine Guidance to take over and make it happen.  You are always guided and protected. Trust God and the Angels with the details. Step out of doubt and fear.  Be confident in your gifts and abilities and rise up!

Everything you still need to know will be presented to you at the right time. Mistakes or failures are making way for new doors opening; rejection only serves as protection for a path that was not meant to be. 

How many opportunities have you turned down? How many meetings and ideas have you put on hold or procrastinated on? These are all the signals from the Universe guiding you.  You may miss these as you continue to question and analyse everything that comes your way.

Answers, miracles and guidance come in different forms than what we expect; deal with reality as it unfolds, keep your vision.

Trust, let go and let God.

Wishing you inspired action and flow!
Much love