You are guided to find comfort at this time.

No one can describe the pain of the heart.  The hurt that you feel is indescribable. You are wondering if it will ever go away. God and His Angels are there to comfort you right now.  Surrender into the pain and embrace it for the moment.  Let the tears and heartache spread over your being and flow through you.  This is the only way that it will subside.  Do not resist the pain; know that in time, this pain will become your teacher.  It is true that in time all things will heal and that this too shall pass.  Hold onto that, do not ask when the pain will subside, only ask for comfort and love from Divine Presence as you go through it.

There is no time to heal from heartache or to get over the hurt; there is only time for wisdom to unfold, for peace to surround you, as you believe that every journey has a reason and purpose. Resistance to  heartache causes more suffering than the heartache itself.  Surrender and ask “what gifts does this pain bring to me?”  “What can I learn from this pain”? Merely ask the question, don’t seek the answer immediately. Let the answer find its way into your being in its own time.