Are you breathing? Slow down…remember to breathe.

In this busy life we often hardly notice our physical body, how it wishes to breathe. Fresh air raises our vibration, brings oxygen to the body, breathing slowly and deeply, rests the mind. You can do this anywhere, anytime – simply stop for a moment and breathe!

Did you know that fresh air is the best prescription for dis-ease and stress? Open the windows wide and let the sunshine and air in! The more fresh air, the more oxygen to your body.

Suddenly, you remember where that lost item is, or you feel calmer – perhaps a solution or new perspective drops into your mind – amazing things happen when you breathe easier. Let the light into your heart and mind today, surround yourself with clear energy in your home, office and headspace 😉

Remember Dear One, you have a Heavenly Support system that you can give your worries and concerns too, that can help you breathe easier through it all – don’t carry everything on your own. Ask God and the Angels for their breath of love, warmth and support today and feel lighter.

If your chest feels tight, perhaps answer the call of your body to do some cardiovascular exercise.

I wish you health, in all ways.