Archangel Uriel can assist us on so many levels when we need wisdom or clarity as to the action we need to take.  He can assist lighting up your mind with new ideas, aha moments and epiphanies.

Are you struggling to find a solution?  How about a brainstorming session with Archangel Uriel?
Are you feeling at a loss of words due to hurt or rejection?  You have an amazing psychologist at hand.
Have you had this idea for a while now and not sure as to how to make it happen – ask Archangel Uriel to light the way forward.

You will receive the solutions, the answers, the breakthroughs as if it were lightbulb moments, as if a light has just been switched on for you.  Or you will have this feeling of HOPE again.

Archangel Uriel’s name means “God is Light” “Light of God” – ask him to light the way forward for you today!

How do you ask?  Pull up your chair, become quiet in the mind and heart.  Imagine having a beautiful conversation with a very wise mentor or counsellor.  See your own light illuminated by the presence of this Angel – see your own Spark lighting up again. Breathe this light in.  Simply enjoy the presence, the conversation, as if in your imagination.  Let the words and thoughts and feelings just flow.  Write down your experience afterwards.

Just for today – recognise the spark and wisdom within YOU.

So much love and light.