Hi everyone,

The Solar Plexus chakra supports our mental energy and boosts self-confidence.  So many life situations, challenges and our flow of abundance is based on how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about giving and receiving and whether we deem ourselves deserving and worthy of Life.

Not  only life, but a good life!   A life where you enjoy your work, feel comfortable with asking when you do not know something.  A life where you recognise yourself for your gifts and talents, without comparison or striving to be like someone else or better than we are now.

Start with where YOU are, with who YOU are and your uniqueness in this world.  Feel confident about that.  This in itself is way better foundation or starting point towards growth than NOT feeling good enough.

Archangel Uriel is the Archangel that supports our guidance, inspirational ideas and helps us to see traumas and life challenges from a LIGHT perspective.  His name means Fire of God – or Light of God and you can work with him to feel “fired” up – in your work, within yourself, passionate about life again! In this video we learn more about Archangel Uriel – we talk about how to receive Divine Guidance and we left feeling renewed in energy.

The video might be a bit long but SO WORTH the experience 🙂

Wishing you so much passion, confidence and SUN energy,