Welcome to a mini Archangel Series – every day for the next few days, we will share a message from a specific Archangel.  May it touch your heart and assist you with whatever you may need.  Please remember, if someone comes to mind while you are reading this, please forward onto them, it might just be the light they needed. Enjoy the journey…

Today, we walk with Archangel Raphael:

Archangel Raphael means “He who Heals” or “God Heals”

He assists us with physical healing, relieving stress and pain, and is the Angel to keep by your side when travelling.  Also, when it comes to matters of the heart, relationships, matchmaking and open communication, Archangel Raphael can intervene and whisper suggestions in your heart – those subtle thoughts and feelings you may receive when asking what to do next.

You just need to ask.  He is of emerald green colour and you might notice green sparkles or flashes of light when working with him.  He also assists Healers with their work.  An archangel who loves to make His presence known – either by seeing the name “Raphael” unexpectedly pop up, or books/health magazines literally falling from the shelf.

Another way to notice Angel’s help is through music, a song being played over and over again – take note of the lyrics and yes, license plates!  Have you ever noticed a license plate in front of you and it is just what you needed to see?

Once you have asked, notice the signs, colours and temperature around you and thank your Angels they are present.

Call on Archangel Raphael today if you are in pain, physically or emotionally.  He always advises us not to hide our scars – bring harmony and peace to your scars, your fears and your physical being.