Do you feel you have been treated unfairly?
Are you battling with inner conflict or an argumentative situation at present?
Do you feel as if no one is listening?

Archangel Raguel’s name means “Friend of God”.  He helps with conflict situations and to bring inner harmony and justice to unjust situations.  When we experience conflict, it actually gives us an opportunity to move closer to that part within ourselves that got hurt.  When we allow ourselves to look at all aspects of the situation without judgement, to another or ourselves, wisdom will come through for you.

Our gift, our birth right is to experience the best life possible, to realise our highest potential, to move closer to Divine Guidance and by moving harmoniously through conflict, we learn more and more about LOVE.

Ask and pray about the situation, meditate and listen for the answer.  Remember, asking an Angel for assistance is like asking your best friend. The answer will come through:

Gut feelings
New thoughts about the situation
An urge to take a certain action
Dream visions
Creative Idea or aha moment as to how to resolve the situation
The feeling that you need to get involved in a cause
The need to create order in your life.

Trust what you receive is true for you at this time and act without doubt or hesitation.  You will be guided as you go.Be sure to plan for stillness, meditation and reflective writing for further guidance.

Don’t think lesser of yourself,
Wishing you love,