In most of the sessions this week, Archangel Michael was present with guidance, wisdom and a supportive energy.  He is most probably the most famous of all the Archangels and is often featured as a muscular, powerful archangel with a sword – because his main purpose is slaying ego, fear, self doubt and protection.

Do you feel unsafe?  Whether it is spiritually, physically or emotionally.  You can ask for his help when driving, walking or to protect your personal belongings.  Sometimes the unknown can also scare us, or when we have to make important life decisions.  Archangel Michael can help you, feeling that confidence and self-worth rising up within you, and suddenly you know, that no matter what you will be OK.

Remember that the Archangels can only intervene in our lives if we ask for their help.  Ask, believe, receive.

A while back some serious gossip threatened my job and reputation.  I asked Archangel Michael to protect me as I stand in my own Truth and to allow for only light and love to shine through no matter what.  Sometimes we fear that an outcome will harm us, but when we ask for help and protection we are out of harms way.  Your ligth and truth will always be stronger than any dark forces or negativitiy.

If you need more clarity on your life purpose, or want to know what the next step is for you, ask Archangel Michael to show you and to also help you see your highest potential and abilities – it is already within you!

How do you ask?  Like you would ask a friend, openly, truthfully and with a knowingness that you can trust this friend.

You are safe, you are guided and everything will be OK.
Much love