Hi everyone,

Taking risks are a scary thing to do!  Stepping into our own power, following our own decisions and saying YES (when we don’t know what the outcome will be) often leaves us shaken with fear!

Yet, taking risks are the only way to discover how strong your faith can be.  Moving forward into the unknown is an opportunity for the Universe to guide and support you.  The only thing preventing you from taking that leap of faith is the absolute belief in yourself. You have what it takes and more importantly, you are being guided as you go, allowing yourself the experience of seeing God in action. We are in our life where we are because of what we allow.

Believing in yourself means having the confidence to pursue your purpose, trusting that you have the ability to gain the knowledge and experience needed.  Believing in yourself means believing in your unwavering faith and determination to embrace the journey.  Believing in yourself means that it is OK for you to feel that you deserve this.  Believing in yourself means you don’t have to wait for approval.  Believing in yourself means you will have the solutions along the way.

Just for today, say YES to life, do what gives you joy and listen to your heart.  It is not only fear that holds us back, it is that we are wanting to know if it is the right thing to do before we say yes, before we take that step.  Faith is believing without a shadow of a doubt, in the UNSEEN, that IS yet to come.

And what if the change brings turmoil or loss or regret?  Then the same faith, guidance, support and self-belief will allow you to SEE with love and WISDOM how the unfolding has indeed benefitted you.

Ask Archangel Metatron today to assist you with knowledge, courage and abilities you need to grow, ask him today to open your own Wisdom and to turn your fear into courage. Ask him to reveal to you, your story.  If your story was a beautiful, inspirational story of spiritual growth and healing that will change someone else’s life, what would your next chapter be?  Ask, be silent, listen and then write down what your next steps will be.  Then start with one decision at a time and keep the intention to say YES to your heart.

Wishing you so much love and joy as you continue your path