Dear Ones,

Archangel Gabriel assists in the areas of writing, arts, creativity, children and purpose.  Very often we fear new beginnings or we are not sure how our dream will unfold – sometimes just a new understanding can make your future bright.  Therefore we can ask assistance whenever we need to follow God’s direction for our vision and purpose.

Our prayers are always answered, not always as expected but always, always for our Highest Good!  You can ask for a message from Archangel Gabriel whenever you feel stuck.  Writers sometimes experience writer’s block.  For artists, it feels at times if the canvas is just not flowing and it can feel the same way when we are stuck or cannot find a solution for work.

Think about these questions….what if you go more? What if you dream bigger than what you have ever allowed yourself to dream? What if you fill your life with more colour, more dreams, more light?

Tap into the highest potential of who you can be, see yourself in a new light and then journal your way into opening up your heart to new dreams.

A year ago, at the AngelSummitSA 2017, Archangel Gabriel shared the following message with us all – and it popped up again today for someone out there that needs it:

“I hold you in amazement and wonder.  See who you are, how creative and uniquely chosen for your purpose.  It is your story in this time.   You have the chance to do something amazing.  I assist to bring you gifts of passion, opportunity and inspiration.  Believe this Dear One, and dare to step into what you believe you can only dream about. Hold your vision, I bring the message Follow your Dream”

Sending you a life filled with dreams and guided actions to start with the first step,
So much love