Archangel Chamuel assists us when we feel that the turbulence and chaos of the outside world gets too much, and we are yearning for inner harmony and rest.  His mission is to also work with world peace and therefore can guide us.  When we find what we are looking for, we are at peace.  Nothing is lost, nothing  is impossible and nothing is unresolvable.

Archangel Chamuel sees things from a higher perspective and knows how everything is connected.  He works on an extremely high level, even so, it does not mean we cannot connect with this Archangel.

Are you searching for a lost item?  A new career? A soulmate or life purpose?

Archangel Chamuel knows what your Divine Path is and therefore can connect you with Divine Will for your life –  to fill the missing spaces with love, healing and purpose again.

His aura is a beautiful pale green and eyes that shine with so much love, understanding and peace.  I can’t explain the energy, it goes beyond words and the inner peace you feel when you connect, surpasses human understanding.  Ask in your own words, tap into your imagination and intuition and ask Archangel Chamuel for the peace and purpose you are seeking currently.

So much love and peace to you dear friend,