This morning I was drawn to the “Ask your Guides” deck from Sonia Choquette – and how amazing is this?  The message was about appreciation! And Gratitude is just my most favourite thing!

For today, remember to appreciate everything and everyone, in your space, that has contributed to your journey thus far.  Be it with support, kindness, mentoring and just for today – take nothing for granted.  Everyone we meet, every situation we encounter is always part of a bigger picture. Its ok to depend on others (and be grateful for it) and it is also rewarding and a blessing to be involved in extending the same to others.

Ask your Divine Helpers, your Guides to show you where you can play your part and also thank them for their guidance and assistance along the way!

Here is the card for today:
Now is an important time to contemplate your place in the world. Pay attention to your influence on others and note that you’re a part of a big community. Recognize your interactions with those around you and respect the fact that no matter how well you may succeed on your own, you must still depend on others in myriad ways for your comfort and security. You’re aware of this every time you switch on a light and enjoy instant electricity or turn on a faucet and have clean drinking water at your disposal.

Your Divine Helpers are present to remind you to appreciate your fellow human beings and take nothing for granted. Recognize your need for others, and the unspoken gifts they share with you. Move beyond your self-interests right now and participate in a common effort. Ask yourself how you might contribute to the greater good. Your Divine Helpers’ message: “Be responsible for your part in the great scheme of things.”

Ask your Guides – Sonia Choquette

Sending you so much gratitude and appreciate today!