Hi everybody

Today we are reminded about the Angels – I have had so many amazing and profound experiences of healing, clarity and miracles that my heart overflows with gratitude, deep deep gratitude to be able to work with such Divine Beings, to be able to shine God’s light and love through them.

Our message today, from my card deck “Whispered Guidance”:

You are guided to know that your Angels are  with you

The Angels are guiding you at this time, leaving you signs and messages as confirmation that they are near.  They want to let you know that they are there to support and guide your way forward. No matter is too small or too big to ask for their help. You can ask the Angels to heal and help you with every aspect of your life, even your day- to- day tasks.  All you need to do is to ask, be it intuitively or out loud, or writing a letter to your Guardian Angel.  The right Angel for the task at hand will assist you, even if you don’t know which Angel it is.  The Angels are extensions of God’s presence and love, filled with immense peace and unconditional love.  Their purpose, among others, is to guide all human beings on their earthly journeys. There is no judgement, only pure love. Invoke your Guardian Angel by your side every day, talk with them as to a friend and see how miracles unfold for you.  The Angels talk to us through our intuition, music, feathers, butterflies, synchronicity of events and sometimes earth angels in human form appearing at the right time, in the right place.  Numeric sequences are also powerful messages from the angelic realm. Trust what you receive is real.

Allow yourself to walk and talk with the Angels this weekend,
Much love