Good Morning Everybody,

Appreciation is such a beautiful vibration!  It leaves one feeling in awe…. It allows for grace and humility. Gratitude is such a beautiful vibration as it fills you up with joy and a deep thankfulness for all that you are experiencing and receiving. Neither one for me is regarded higher than the other, neither one for me speaks of lack or limitation.

Appreciation expands the heart.
Gratitude expands the heart.
In this energy, LOVE amplifies.

Just for today, APPRECIATE.  Appreciate YOU, appreciate those that traveled with you.  Appreciate those that contributed to your journey thus far.  Appreciate those who are still there for you.  Appreciate life, breathing, walking, nature, music, gifts, talents, creativity, and all you have come to experience thus far.  Feel a deep sense of gratitude welling up in your heart for all that is and all you have received.

Allow appreciation and gratitude to be your companions today.
I appreciate You and I want to say thank you for being a part of my journey, my purpose, and my life.  You have allowed me to do my heart’s work, to feel love amplified, to appreciate this journey, to be grateful for all the miracles and blessings.

Thank you.  Let us write thank you notes to those today who have been, and still are, a part of your life’s journey,
In appreciation and love,