Hi everybody,

I am reminded of the principle: “The Universe Applauds Action not Thought”

Today’s message is encouraging you to make a decision. Sometimes we just have to be bold, say YES or say NO in order to carry through the decision of our hearts.  When we do this, we would need a plan, we would need to  honour our mind and the logic that goes with it in order to act swiftly and quickly.  Choose logic over emotion and make decisions based upon your truth, your knowledge and feeling empowered within yourself.  This is how we can move forward.

When you do feel that you might be acting impulsively, ask your logical mind to assist you in the actions and steps necessary…this is how we can connect our mind and our heart when we have to make decisions and take action.  Very much an action day today.

Here are two conversations and intentions you can use to connect the mind and heart and assist you to move forward with confidence:

Mind – “I love you, and give you permission to show up and be heard.  To allow for more understanding and less judgement.  More love and less fear.  Let me not fear my decisions and choices but rather love and accept my uniqueness.  You have a role to play, a brilliant mind, assisting me to execute and act upon the decisions of my heart.”

Heart – “I love you, and give you permission to come forward.  To believe in myself, to love myself enough to know that I deserve abundance.  Let me not love out of fear, neither love to be accepted but rather grow in love for myself and the uniquess that I am.  You have a role to play, a loving, unconditional heart, allowing me to create the life I love.”

Affirmation: “I allow for less judgement within me, to and from me.  In all of this may I remain humble – and so it is”

Wishing you a day of clarity,
So much love