Hi everyone,

Wen I asked for a message today, I drew a card that was all about taking action.  The time for taking action is now, especially if you feel passionate about the task at hand or the cause being very important to you.  Deep down you know what to do, you know you need to make a decision, you sense the urgency in your being – yet you cannot get yourself to move past the thinking stage.  Does this sound familiar?

If you are putting things off, or are spending a lot of time thinking it through, you need to move it into action today.  What is the reason for your procrastination?  Are you still unsure as to how to proceed? Then follow your intuition, move it to a space of confidence, creativity, passion and then listen to your heart – trust your inner guidance.  Maybe you need to just clear your thoughts and listen to higher guidance, ask the Angels and your Guides – you have all the support you need now.  Follow the guidance and take the action, don’t put things off any longer.

Instinctively, you know what to do.  Trust that.

Archangel Gabriel, please can you assist me today with the knowledge, creativity and guidance I need to take the necessary action..  Spark my creativity, open my mind to alternative and new solutions and help me to align my vibration to motivation, excitement and wonder!  Help me to believe in myself and my worth.  Guide my actions today.  Thank you, thank you, thank you and so it is Amen.

Wishing you inspired action today,
Much love