Hi everybody

Trust is such a small word, with a huge impact in our lives…

You feel you have been let down by trust.  You are scared to trust again as it may leave you feeling vulnerable and insecure. Trust is the foundation of all our giving and receiving in life.  It is the foundation of how we TRUST the Universe to provide for us.  It is the starting point of TRUSTING that everything will eventually work out. Many times we get  become disenchanted or are disappointed because we were not specific about our expectations of trust. Is the assumption that everybody’s expectations are the same? Communicate your expectations.

  • Trust is saying sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow
  • Trust is honest, truthful and clear
  • Trust is saying I don’t know what I don’t know, and that’s ok
  • Trust is listening
  • Trust is talking
  • Trust is opening up to your heart, your emotions and all your other senses
  • Trust is saying I have your back
  • Trust is saying I need help
  • Trust is mindful
  • Trust is heart based, not ego based

Give yourself permission to trust again and talk to God and His Angels about your fears.  Talk to your loved ones and people around you that may give or receive trust from you.  Clear the air, forgive and release past hurts. Move forward and trust yourself and others.