Hi everybody,

Meditation need not be a complex exercise, nor need to be resisted because you feel that you cannot switch of your mind.  What is important is taking, a few minutes, to simply sit and breathe…to become still, to tune into that place deep within where harmony resides – where a silent knowing is present that you are connected, supported and part of God.  Even if you start with 2 minutes and increase it slowly and with ease – let it be easy, let it flow.  Allow yourself to grow with the practise.

Just for today, make some time to listen to the inner part of you – and see if you can move towards a consistent practise of a healthy and life changing habit.

Here is some guidance on meditation from my Whispered Guidance Card Deck:

You are guided to practise meditation

Meditation is important for you at this time.  Join a community or weekly meditation group and open up to the healing and benefits of this practice.  This form of breathing has many physical, emotional and spiritual healing benefits that will aid your spiritual growth and well-being at this time. It is a time to connect to Source.  It is a time for your mind to shut down and bow down to Divine Wisdom.  It is a time for the physical body to be restored and heal itself.

You are guided to be still and breathe.  Simply be and breathe.  The practice of meditation need not be complicated  nor forced. Find a time and place that is convenient for you,  Do not aim to switch off your mind or focus too much on the complexity of this exercise.

Simply sit quietly and focus on your breathing, extending the time as you  become more comfortable each day.  When you receive thoughts from the mind, simply receive and acknowledge them and return to your breathing.  In time the mind will obey. Be consistent. Evolve. Heal.

Wishing you a mind changing week,
So much love