Morning everybody,

Today the vibration of humbleness spoke to my heart.  And so in line with our inspirational message for this week:

You are guided to humbleness
Humbleness is a noble energy, an energy that reflects a quiet strength.  When you are humble, you open up to gratitude and blessings as you acknowledge and recognise those that have supported you, guided you and played a part in your success. Acknowledge the Angels and Guides for their introductions and guidance. Humbleness also guides us towards greater enlightenment as we let go of the need for justification and ego.  The ego wants to be right and puts in so much effort to argue for or against a situation.  The ego wants recognition and remains attached to the outcome. The heart, instilled with humbleness, moves with a quiet wisdom.  The heart knows healing exists within each one of us and that a greater purpose is at work. Humbleness says “the truth shall prevail”.  Be humble, be content and lead with silent strength.

We have so much support and help along the way, let us reflect on that.  Let us allow ourselves to be confident in our own wisdom, to stand up for our truth without having everybody to necessarily agree with us.  Thank the people in your life for being there for you, write a few thank you emails to those you appreciate and acknowledge for the part they have played in your journey up to now.

Sending you so much light today