Hi everyone,

In our Sunday Morning Live message for this week, we are encouraged to choose one virtue a day for this week and celebrate it.  We have so many national days, public holidays that celebrate something or someone special, recently Mothers Day, National Friendship Day, Youth Day, Workers Day etc.  Why not have a week of good vibrations and choose your own?

If you would have a KINDNESS DAY, then for the day you could do acts of kindness to friends and strangers alike, you can by the same token, accept openly any acts of kindness towards you, without feeling guilty or bad.  You can also have a TRUTH DAY, a RESPECT DAY, a LOVE DAY, a GRATITUDE, a FAMILY day, a PARTNER day etc.  and for one day you can experience giving and receiving that vibration to everybody around you – even to nature, charities, animals, etc.

Join me this week, a week filled with good vibrations and love,

PS: Watch the video here for the full message: