Sometimes it is difficult to see everybody’s point of view.  Maybe we have a strong need to be “right” or we feel that we are not being heard…or we feel stuck in a specific situation.

When we bring compassion in, when we soften our hearts, to ourselves, the situation and everybody involved, somehow the light pours in and we feel more confident – it is not always a matter of giving in, it is a matter of love, of allowing a loving heart to infuse the situation – you will stand amazed at how it changes.

Today’s message is from Archangel Zadkiel saying “soften your heart, bring compassion and respect in – feel this for yourself and others and ask for a light filled solution”

He can assist to clear away emotional toxins, sweep a situation clean and helps with an outcome that will serve everybody for their highest good.  His name means “Righteousness of God”

Wishing you compassion and love today.