Morning everybody,

This morning, as I was working with Archangel Raphael, I was reminded that prayer works!  How often do you share a conversation with Heaven?  Your cares, your fears, your worries and then pray about it?  When we pray, we are not only asking for guidance or assistance, it also a way of speaking in that which we want, the desired outcome.  We are speaking in our faith, we are speaking positively about the blessings, answered prayers and miracles on our way to us.  We are speaking in gratitude, we are speaking in faith.

Your message for this day is to pray, pray about your questions and your concerns.  Have the intention of the best possible outcome for everyone concerned.  Ask for help and remember to accept it when it is offered to you, once you have prayed.  Ask your community, like minded friends to support you, ask for healing, light and love to be sent when you need it.  We are never, never alone – especially when it comes to an issue close to your heart, involve your community of kindred Spirit.  It increases the vibration of the prayer.

Here is a card from my deck, Whispered Guidance, about prayer:

You are guided to pray.
Prayer is a form of talking to Heaven.  It is sharing your worries, fears and questions with God and all the Divine Beings who are standing by ready to assist.  Our prayers are carried by the Angels right to Source.  Don’t keep all the questions, worries and conversations in your mind, trying to figure everything out by yourself.  This is what makes the mind busy, this is what causes noise and limits our ability to quiet down and listen.  Feel the healing and release as you talk to God, the Angels and your Guides and yes, even your loved ones on the other side.  It doesn’t matter that you haven’t received all the answers yet; it doesn’t matter that you ask over and over again; it doesn’t matter that you get frustrated or disheartened; it matters only that you have a conversation with Heaven. Feel the release as you open up and talk. You will feel Angel wings surrounding you now as you do this.

Much love and light,