Hi Everybody,

A forgiveness and cord cutting ritual.
It is time to let go and release yourself from the negative attachments of those that have hurt you in the past. Even though you may not have physical contact, your thoughts can still give it power and therefore you will still have an energetic attachment. Or you may say that you have worked through it already but on a heartfelt level you still carry the hurt. Forgive and release means you are doing it for YOU, it means that you do not wish to be hurt anymore and to set you heart free.

How can you do this?

Sit comfortably in a quiet space and close your eyes. Soothing music and incense might help you to completely relax in the moment.  Now, imagine the infinity symbol large and wide in front of you – and it is the colour of gold. On the one side of the golden loop, you see the person or situation you wish to detach from. On the other side, you see yourself. You both are surrounded by the white light and are enfolded in the golden aura that this infinity symbol brings. Now, ask Archangel Michael to be present and to assist with the release. You see in your mind’s eye, an energetic cord connecting yourself and the other person. This is the cord you wish to cut. Before you ask Archangel Michael to cut the cord, speak your intent and forgiveness to the other person. Say that whichever you still want to say and end off the conversation with “I release you, I forgive you, I love you, God bless you, Peace be with you”

Now, it is also important to release and forgive yourself for any hurt or harm you may have caused to yourself, knowingly or unknowingly, by this situation. Speak with great compassion to yourself and end off the conversation with “I release me, I forgive me, I love me, God bless me, Peace be with me” Now, ask Archangel Michael to sever the cord with His sword of blue light, which Archangel Michael holds. He cuts through the cord and the infinity symbol and you watch as the other person or situation is becoming smaller and smaller and being carried away by Golden Light and Angels – and you yourself are surrendered by love and protection and light. Acknowledge that you are both free for your Highest Good and their Highest Good. Always give thanks to God and Archangel Michael for their help.

Sending so much love,