Morning everybody,

What are your thoughts right now?  Take a moment and gather your thoughts, from the morning when you woke up, to the moment that you are reading this, what were your thoughts mostly about?

Our thoughts go out into the Universe, our thoughts become the vibrations, the feelings that we hold about someone or something.  What we think, we usually believe and therefore it usually comes true for us.  How are your thoughts making you feel?  This is the turning point.

Simply state what you are feeling, change your thoughts according to that which you want to feel!  You want to feel at peace?  Change your thoughts about what is causing you anxiety.  You want to feel joy?  Change your thoughts about what is causing you sadness. Change what you think about others, change what you think about why things are happening to you that is not serving you, and FEEL better about it.  This is at first, a deliberate and mindful choice, an action.

And remember, our message from yesterday – whatever someone speaks over your life or about you is only the truth if you believe it to be true.  If not, simply walk away from it.  What you think about yourself is your truth, is what determines how you feel about yourself – think loving thoughts today, feel how much better things are if you choose to feel differently about it.

Sending you so much love and good vibes!