Hi everyone,

Sometimes situations and events occur that require our immediate and urgent attention and even though we want to resolve the matter, we sometimes just need to step back a little. We receive great clarity and wisdom when we remove ourselves from the situation.  When we can take a step back and look at the situation without judgement and fear, self-pity or anger. Speak your truth with the intention of love and healing.  It is not what you say, but how you say it, that will make all the difference.  Integrity says, what I think, say and do is ONE thing.  Don’t fear conflict, don’t fear that you may offend someone or hurt them.  Ask Love to be Your Guide, know that we are all connected, we are all part of the same energy and the energy that you reflect onto others is what will be received.


The angel of secrets and mysteries who help us receive creative ideas, interpret our dreams and clears spiritual and psychic blocks.  Clear the blocks along your path of truth. What has been a mystery before, will now reveal itself to you. As you receive this Truth, seek for a deeper understanding and resolve.  Be open to creative ideas during this time.

Sending you love and courage as you stand in your truth today,