How are you?
No, how are you really…?

Very often we ask each other this question – how are you? And the standard reply being – I’m good, I’m fine thank you.  Or often, I’m ok… and the conversation continues around the next topic, what to do next, business etc.

But how are you really? Do you sometimes acknowledge and share your pain?  Do you sometimes express your fears?  And for whatever reason we don’t, it does serve us to be in a positive state of mind doesn’t it?

Yet, that one moment of truly acknowledging where you are at, that one moment of making yourself vulnerable is sometimes the exact place we need to be in.  Let it out, share your hurt and allow yourself to be embraced – allow yourself to be heard – even if there is no solution – at that point in time you have allowed yourself the first step to feeling better!

The point is not to NOT express our worries, fears, anger or hurt – the point is to, at some point release it and turn it around into feeling good, into being supported and helped.

How are you really?  I am in pain, I am hurting, I have questions, I am weak, I am sad – we all go through the same feelings, the same fears – we can all help each other heal if we share.  How will you respond to someone that opens up, that is vulnerable?  With great love of course!

And this is where the healing happens – this is where love can turn around the energy of any situation for the good.  The situation may not have changed but because there was an exchange of love, everything from there looks differently.

Let us ask each other more…how are you REALLY?
Take the time to listen…you don’t need to have the answers; you just need to listen and love.

I am wishing you moments of listening filled with miracles of love and support,