Sometimes it feels as if we lack the wisdom to navigate our life.  It feels as if everything is spiralling out of control and we don’t understand why our life is unfolding in the way that it does.  Sound familiar?

We don’t always understand everything that happens on our journey and have so many “Why this, why now?” questions.

Archangel Raziel assists us with a deeper understanding into our life’s mission.  What seems hidden in our lives become known if we are open and willing to allow for healing and recall.  Recall of all the lessons our soul has accumulated thus far in order to assist us with the knowledge and wisdom we need now.

If you still carry painful memories of the past, hidden fears that prevent you from feeling peaceful, free and able to move forward, Archangel Raziel can help you to move these into an energy of healing and understanding – thus being able to rewrite them into wisdom for your present journey.

Become still, connect with your Higher Self with the intention to do so, and ask for healing, wisdom and understanding of any old vows you may have made, clarity of existing patterns that is holding you back and ask God and Archangel Raziel to assist you with this.  Then, allow for any thoughts, memories and experiences to come up for you and in that moment, write them down and see the learning – the “aha” moment that will speak upon your heart at the time.  You may also have a dream where this is shown to you.

For me personally, Archangel Raziel, is the alchemist and wise wizard, with a beautiful rainbow coloured, clear quarts prism aura – always ready to impart ancient, hidden wisdom for our healing purposes.

You are a wise and ancient Soul,
Wishing you healing and love