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Every month you receive:

Community support and connection

Your questions answered
Teachings on a specific and guided topic for the month

Weekly Check in and Q and A sessions – live with Michelle

A guided meditation every month

An astrological full moon monthly guidance session with Nāthan Theodore Naicker from Spicastrology
Group Reading Evenings for most loyal members – live with Michelle


Toolkits, practical implementation guidelines and Journal to implement the teachings in your day to day life.

Session recordings ALWAYS available should you want to be flexible attending online sessions.  


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community * connection * support * tools * guidance * clarity * awakening

The Reset Circle Community is a membership platform where we work with our lives and our journey’s on how to RESET limiting beliefs,  fear, anger and whatever we blocks we feel we may have that prevents us from moving forward.
Not only resetting limiting beliefs but also walking the path of ascension and awakening!  We reset into the way of LOVE, the way of being in our new dimension – a reset 2 love, in all aspects of our daily being.  It is practical spirituality – not complex, practical.  The power of our awakening lies in the simplicity of spirituality, truth and love.  We discover this on our RESET journey.

On the other hand, many things also happen in our daily lives that we just wish we had a RESET button for!  We are forever growing, expanding and things change and therefore we have to lean into the changes to remember who we are and what we came here to do.

Join Michelle Vooght’s community as a “Reset Circle” Member and you have exclusive access to the path of RESETTING in our CIRCLE of life.

You can, at any time, reset and start again.  You can, at any time, reset to the new, reset beliefs around love, money, career or purpose.  AND with a community that supports one another and inspire and share by our own stories and experiences, you will never feel ALONE.

We work on monthly themes – we RESET as we GO and we find our path, our fulfillment, and our happiness.

Monthly Themes:  the first MONDAY of every month
Weekly gatherings (optional or as and when you need) : EVERY Thursday evening 7:30 pm
Guided Meditations for you to download and use as often as you wish
Monthly astrology guidance and alignment: MONTHLY Thursdays
Group reading evenings – scheduled on specific dates with members 


community * connection * support * tools * guidance * clarity * awakening

Here you will find the support, tools, and guidance you need.  Our sessions are on our Zoom platform, and we also have a members Facebook page.  Once a month, we host a new teaching theme and thereafter, we have weekly Q and A sessions where we receive practi cal TOOLS, divine guidance, readings, connection and COMMUNITY! Video recordings available  on the Facebook group for your to refer to whenever convenient for you

ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY For only R350** per month membership fee:

Access to a private Facebook Group and online Zoom sessions
Toolkits to IMPLEMENT it in your day to day life
Community Support and Check-Ins
Up to date lesson summaries, reset circle journal, and videos
Bi-weekly inspirational and teaching videos on relevant topics of the day, spiritual principles, and universal practices to RESET. Inclusive of messages, FAQs, practical tools, and empowering life principles.
Direct messaging access to Michelle.
Discounts on all products from Michelle, including one on one sessions, retreats, workshops, and other events
Special Circle Member Rate for one on one sessions with Michelle


What People Are Saying

“I joined the Reset Circle this year for its first run, after having been to my first Angels and Stars Retreat last year and following Michelle’s page and live sessions regularly. I can’t even begin to describe how helpful and amazing being in this community has been for me over the past few months! I’ve learned so much and have also stopped worrying about so many things. Even managing things on my side a whole lot better! Of course, this is all thanks to Michelle’s amazing support, wisdom, and guidance, as well as the great support that comes from the Reset Circle community. If you’re thinking of starting to walk this journey, I’d strongly recommend that you take the plunge — it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and I’ll keep coming back! Thank-you, Michelle, and thank you Reset Circle community!”
Patrick W Adams

“I would highly recommend the Reset Circle to anyone wanting to change their life in a positive way. Knowing that you are in control of creating what you want and that you can and are worthy, of receiving everything your heart desires. It has been invaluable to me, and am absolutely loving this journey. Profound but easy to understand and implement, teachings, exercises, and tools. Working with Laws of Life, higher awareness, manifestation, creation, Abundance, Intuition, Joy, etc. It has empowered me to change my way of thinking, seeing everything in a different light, and having beautiful experiences. It’s also fun and wonderful to interact, share, and be part of a group that supports, encourages, and lifts each other up. Michelle is such a vivacious, inspirational, wise, and truly extraordinary person and teacher. So grateful to be here.”
Paula Luiz

“Reset, Recharge, and Rebuild your Life on All levels Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s an Inspiring, Safe, and Motivated Group. With amazing people in it, we all learn something from each other, we all have a wonderful journey together. We rejoice in each and everyone’s achievements. We All need a mentor in Life and Michelle Vooght is that Mentor for me. She has done so much on a personal level for me. She is an amazing Wise Soul and I am very blessed to have her in my life’s journey at this time. She always has an ear to listen to you and she always gives amazing guidance. The Teachings in The Reset Circle is very profound and easy to understand. The tips and tools are wonderful. The Practical Experience is easy to do and you learn so much from yourself. The Reset Circle works on everyday things that we all have questions about, Manifestation, Abundance, Wisdom, Joy, Health, Body, Mind, Laws of the Universe, etc. This will be one of the best investments you will ever make for yourself. It comes Highly recommend. 💕Thank you Michelle for everything. Lots of Gratitude and Love.”
Marise Viviers

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