I had the wonderful opportunity of attending Michelle’s 5th Dimension Retreat this past weekend at Grotto Bay. It was the most amazing experience of great learnings and meeting new friends who think alike.

We did many wonderful mediations working with the angels who are there to help us daily.   It was life changing moving from one dimension to the other and realising how easy it is to manifest exactly what you want all the time.  You can make your dream bigger and bigger and there are no limitations.  You just need to ask and have faith.

Michelle, thank you for facilitating this outstanding retreat.

Di Boiskin

Have you asked yourself the questions…What is my purpose and how do I get there?

On this retreat you connect and activate your 5th Dimensional Ascension Chakras that raises your vibration and flow daily. This vibration and flow that connects you closer to your purpose daily, providing you with tools and steps to be in this higher vibration and flow daily through your Archangel.

This vibrational flow that shows you how Limitless you are in manifesting that what you truly want in your life. Going bigger than you could ever have imagined, Be Limitless!!

A mind-blowing spiritual experience, reminding you how connect we are, that you have amazing support from the Universe around you and that you are Limitless in living an Abundant Life.

I personally received so many blessing during this retreat, showing me that I should not limit myself in what I can have in my life, providing me with the next step I need to take in my life towards my Life Purpose! Now living in the vibration flow of abundance and Showing Up!! So, go ahead and connect to the Universal Oneness, Limitless and Abundance life we all deserve.

Daniel Coetzee, Reiki Master @ Evolve Harmoniously

The 5th Dimension Retreat this past weekend build on the above 6-week journey to find clear answers to my purpose and guidance for my future career state that allows be in a space to “Dream Big” as for once I felt so much love during the retreat and confirmation that I AM worth it ALL! I could let go of the old me and any baggage of the past to explore the NEW me in a safe environment where even the strangers experienced similar situations and felt supported to let go that which were no longer serving me /us and let God. You have facilitated this shift with so much love and care through the step-by-step meditations to unlock my own potential in a safe environment where nobody judged anyone. It allowed me to feel vulnerable and find the strength through you and the others sharing wisdom or just a supporting smile/hug.

The walks along the beach with all the laughter allowed me to access my joy in life again and have quiet time to reflect on the flood of Archangel messages this past week uniquely for each individual in the Group. I found great wisdom shared with likeminded people that joined the retreat even total strangers that allowed us to connect and to share intimate thoughts that people in our daily and family don’t necessary understand.

I went tired and overworked into the weekend on Friday and left with a sense of lightness & excitement the weekend that sustained me to date by plugging into my Higher Self to enjoy Life as it was meant to be.

Amanda Snyman

I have only positive feedback…………

During my journey with you so far, I have changed my outlook on life, love and abundance. I am more positive, understand how to lift my vibrations when necessary and all in all just experience life on a whole new level.

It has impacted positively on my relationship with my kids and my husband. It has opened my eyes to a whole new spiritual existence and appreciation.

Carol Wiltshire

This Angel series has been tremendous.  It has been guiding me through every step of some sort of new emergence.  Thank you for honouring me by being fully present in this world.

Villien Coetzee

I started 2017 on a journey to manifest a more peaceful and relaxed me through your “5th Dimensional Manifesting Journey” as I was tired to be stressed out and paralysed by anxiety in a demanding Corporate world.

Where I am now at a stage where I feel excited again about my future and career, whilst much more relaxed and open minded to deal with any challenging circumstances.

Amanda Snyman

I highly recommend this Angel Journey.

It was truly amazing how much I talk to the Angels on a daily basis and always enjoy my meditations.

Thanks Michelle

Jill Crawford

My 5th Dimension weekend retreat was a phenomenal experience. With the guidance and love of the Angels, Michelle, the meditations, the understanding and activation of the 12 chakras, I came to many life changing realizations. We are all able to raise our vibration frequency if we live our life with integrity, love, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.

I am master of my destiny and I should honour the power and wisdom within me. With intention I can live a life of amazing abundance and not live in fear of change and hardship. I have a purpose and must trust my instincts and live my truth.

If I take a step back and observe – when encountering a difficult situation or person, I have more clarity to see the bigger picture. The purpose reading with Michelle helped immensely with writing up my blue print.

The weekend was so uplifting and there was beautiful beach walks, delicious food, and chatting and laughing with likeminded people who I can now call friends. I left on Sunday filled with peace, joy, gratitude and excitement for the year ahead.

Paula Luiz

Please note that this is a very tiny version of my experience, if I have to put all of it down I would need to write a 300 or more-page book, ha! 

I was broken, angry, sick and tired, frankly looked the part to. Michelle at Come Heal just embraced me with her peaceful, loving, presence. Wow! 

I started my healing journey wit Michelle and soon realised who I actually am. I do not need to be angry at the world and get irritated with everyone that does not agree with me or if they do not understand me, everything had to be my way. The anger, unable to forgive those that hurt you, hatred that I carried around was making me sick and slowly but surely killing me and taking it out on everyone else and patience did not exist. Do not get me wrong, I did not want to stop living at all, I was just approaching life the wrong way. I have been not a mean or angry towards others along my path, still always there for anyone, help where I can, compassionate etc., I guess just angry with myself.

Now with this journey process I realised that this will no longer be part of me. Slowly but surely as they would say: Like peeling of an onion, layer for layer I would start to heal, making peace and forgive people that I never thought I would be able to forgive, learning that how special we are as individuals and to learn not to judge others. I don’t know them, and they do not know me, hard to grasp, but it surely makes sense. To accept and embrace each individual with LOVE, replace everything with love, is the answer. I have surely done 360 degrees turn, healthier, happier, peaceful. 

Thank you to Michelle for a loving, caring, peaceful, patient and healing environment. I am truly grateful for you in assisting me in changing my life and thank you for caring so much for us and making each treatment personal and special and for listening. You are such a blessing and are truly blessed to have you in our lives. If you ever considered seeing a shrink (waste of money) or just going to another beauty salon just to have a message and just basically being a number, do not waste your time. Go to Come Heal as they will change your life without you evening knowing it. 

Thank you so Much. Lots of Love,

Michelle Lotter

Entering a booth, the tranquility continues where candles are lit, stones with messages are scattered, crystals, incense burning, and peaceful background instrumental music soothes your soul. All this is new to me; I’ve never done this and don’t know what to expect. Michelle walks in and just tells me to relax, concentrate on my breathing and just accept whatever healing comes my way. I do as I am told and allow the entire peaceful, love-filled ambience to embrace my soul… After ‘journeying off’ to a land of ‘No Where’, a soft voice just says: “Thank You.” And I am back to reality, but this time with a difference – I feel totally relaxed and before I walk out there I realized: “This is it! I am addicted to this and I am definitely coming back.” Michelle told me that she did some Reiki along with the massage. For some or other reason, I feel energized. 

I didn’t tell Michelle a single word of any pains, aches or injuries I have beforehand. For some reason, she just picks it up through-out my body. It’s like magic! She also starts teaching me about the physical pains and illnesses linked to my emotional pains and how my body is divided into past and present. Strangely enough, most aches and pains are linked to my past and this started a whole new thought process. 

I am starting to feel better physically. I am still journeying through some emotional baggage, but my journey is continuing. It is not a mountain that is there in the far. I have actually started climbing it and my ‘support ropes’ are people with no medical degrees or anything. It is people who believe that healing comes through a life’s journey. People who sees you as a whole human being and want to guide and assist you to fix those things that keep you from being whole.


I came on a Saturday afternoon, I came broken and left knowing there was hope…. We have been here for a year and Michelle has been with us every step of our healing journey always there, sometimes just to listen, to wipe away the tears and sometimes give very good advice. I shudder to think what would have become of Lailah and myself if our paths never crossed with Michelle’s, I think we call them angels of God I often think of what I read: Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there… to serve some sort of purpose, you know that every moment that you are with them, they will affect your life in some profound way. And sometimes things happen to you at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair, but in reflection you realize that without overcoming those obstacles you would have never realized your potential, strength, will power or heart. I know that on our healing journey we still have some way to go but with the mercy of God and all the support from Come heal, Michelle and her awesome crew I know now Everything happens for a reason and there is people left that give of themselves to heal, guide and are trustworthy with the pieces of your broken life.

Lee Haynes

I am definitely going to live by these principals, I feel like a brand-new person. 

One step at a time for sure J My team loves the idea of these principals as I typed up three and pasted them around my table. Thank you once again for being such an open person you are truly someone to look up to. 

Thank you so much Michelle. 

I really wish I could have had you either as a coach or a mentor, you are magnificent.

Sasol Delegate

Hi Michelle, 

Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience! I cannot tell you what a difference it has made to me! I think I have repeated my life contract a million times already and can so feel the awesome peace and effect this has on my entire being! |

I even managed to go through a “divorce” without feelings of guilt or doubt or anger ……just awesome love and peace inside! What a powerful process! Needless to say…I flow differently…..and it feels sooooo good! THANK YOU!


Hi Michelle, 

I can’t say thank you enough for such a wonderful experience last night. It truly was divine. 

I slept like a baby last night, and this morning a little sore in places, but light as a feather. It was amazing, yesterday when walking up the stairs at work I could barely lift my legs and struggled to get up them. Today I was halfway up when I realised how light my legs felt :). Other than that, back was a little sore, lower more than top and round kidneys as well as in the front on my sides, but by late morning that was all gone and I felt great. Completely rejuvenated and full of energy. 

I had such a lovely experience last night and some great realisations too. I can’t wait for the next one and will book soon.

Melissa Podesta

Michelle Vooght was suggested to me by a close friend in October 2013 when I was struggling with a mountain of personal, emotional and work-related issues. From my very first session with her I felt like I’d slept for days just from lying on her bed with my eyes closed. Having had insomnia issues, I couldn’t wait until the next session. I also quickly started feeling like my body was lighter and whatever was weighing me down was starting to lift.

After a few sessions with Michelle I realised how much anxiety and depression I was dealing with, but month after month she helped me clear up the blockages in my system, reviving my vitality for life and aiding in my emotional cleansing. Finally, in January of this year I feel like I have my confidence back and some harmony happening inside of me – I have that positive outlook on life and am excited about the possibilities of what can be! Michelle was the calm that I needed in my life when everything was just one huge raging storm.

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone open to trying something that will change your life forever.


It is so important that each of us learns to communicate with God and the Angels every day. Often, we do not think of praying daily but when things get tough, we call on God immediately and then perhaps pray about the situation once or twice and then proceed just as we were before, thinking that God has heard our prayer. 

Yes, God has heard our prayer, but daily communication with God and the Angels is required even when things are going well. The Angels and God love nothing more than for you to say Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the little things that are going right in your life at the moment. Thank you that you have a job, a roof over your head and a family to love and care for. 

It is important to give thanks and show gratitude every single day even when things are tough. At the same time, after giving thanks, if you are struggling with a problem, decision or issue in your life, it is important to ask God and the Angels for guidance on how to handle this situation. One very effective way, is before falling asleep, ask God and the Angels to give you insight while you sleep. Say a prayer welcoming them into your dreams and then rest peacefully and the answers may come. 

This all sounds very simple and easy but of all people, I am one who knows with certainty that sometimes life’s problems overwhelm us and we cannot quiet our minds enough to hear God and the Angels communicate with us. 

This is where I have been extremely blessed to have met Michelle and had Reiki treatments and Angel readings done by Michelle. Michelle has a “Direct line” to God and the Angels. It is quite miraculous to see her in action. Well, to feel her in action, is a better way of putting it. 

I first met Michelle in July 2011. During one of our very first Reiki sessions, Michelle instantly picked up that I was going through a very difficult time and as I lay there with my eyes closed, I suddenly felt as if Michelle had stepped away from me. My faith in Reiki is huge so I lay still and allowed all the goodness to flow to me. When I opened my eyes, Michelle asked me if I felt that she had stepped away during the session. I said yes. She then told me that was because at that particular time, the room had been filled with Angels who were undoing the binding around my legs and ankles. This was a figurative expression to me, as I didn’t have anything tangible bound around my legs and ankles but symbolically it meant that God and the Angels were setting me free from the very difficult, challenging and dangerous situation I had found myself in since early in 2011. 

Michelle’s words rang true and it was just a matter of months before my whole life had turned around and I was literally “set free”. 

I have often asked Michelle to do a distant Reiki treatment for me when I am too busy during the week or on the weekend to get to see Michelle in person. The distant treatments work just as well as the face to face treatments and Michelle always e-mails me that evening or the next day to let me know what she saw during my session and what insights she had. All of them thus far have been extremely relevant to the situations I found myself in and these insights have been extremely helpful. 

When I am faced with a difficult decision or I just need guidance from God and the Angels that I don’t feel capable of receiving myself – due to work stress and a really rushed life, I e-mail Michelle and ask her to please do an Angel reading for me and to focus on my specific question/questions. 

Michelle then does this reading and e-mails the outcome to me. The connection that Michelle has with God and the Angels is extremely powerful and clear. Michelle has been my greatest help in times of stress and trouble when I just haven’t been able to calm my mind long enough to receive guidance on my own. 

I have been given such amazing advice by God and the Angels through Michelle’s readings and I’ve always found that the advice in these readings has been very worthwhile to follow. 

We, as a community, are extremely blessed and privileged to have someone as wonderfully spiritual as Michelle who is just a phone call or an e-mail away. We are blessed to have her in our presence and to be able to receive the communication via Michelle, that is sent to us directly from Heaven. 

Michelle, keep up the brilliant work, please never move far away. As much as the distant Reiki and readings are wonderful, I thoroughly enjoy our face to face session as well and just “tapping in” to your wonderful, angelic energy and supremely divine aura. 

God bless you. Xxxx

Debbie Frost

In 2012 the wheels came off for me. Life became extremely stressful and I could feel here round September that unless I did something drastic my heart was literally going to break. 
Michelle suggested a few Reiki sessions. The first was a cord cutting from my ex-husband, which made the world of a difference. The second was to heal. 

Within a couple of weeks, I could feel the effects of the cord cutting, however, it is the second session where my heart was cleared of baggage and healed that made the most impact on me. 

I could immediately feel the difference and only then realised how affected my heart had been. 

Today I quite freely tell people that Michelle saved me from a heart attack that day. It’s because of her amazing abilities as a healer that my daughter still has her mother. 

Love and light

Carol Gerber

I want to put in a good word for Michelle Vooght Zeeman who I have discovered coming out of my recent healing journey treatment with her, is seriously, a Gifted Healer. I met Michelle through Xtraordinary Women network meetings. For some reason I was attracted to her. But then who would not be… she is such an amazingly kind and generous of heart person. In the last 20 odd years and more so in the last 10 years, I have encountered the healing power through many awesome and unique healers.

MY recent Reiki treatment with Michelle ranks as extremely powerful. Her gentle outward nature seems to belie that inner strength that she possesses. Her healing room became a total inner sanctuary for me. When I walked into it, it was warm, welcoming, safe and secure. I felt completely comfortable to let go and allow her Reiki healing power to do its work.

I could go on and on about what happened within my body and soul, but suffice to say… it was other worldly, healing and fulfilling. Thank you, thank you and thank you again Michelle.

Rose McClement